Flexible Technology Growth Capital

What We Do

Tailored, flexible growth capital solutions for technology and technology-enabled service companies

Growth Debt

  • Term Debt
    Bridge and Standby Facilities

Growth Equity

  • Minority Preferred
    Convertible Instruments

Target Company Profile

Growth stage, seeking expansion capital

Technology & Technology-Enabled Services (Broadly Defined)

Across North America

Enterprise Software (SaaS) & Key Verticals (Fintech, Security, Healthcare, Others)

$10+ million run-rate

Not required, growth prioritized

Bootstrapped or VC / PE backed, private or public.


Funding Use Cases


Organic growth initiatives


Standby or committed


Between equity rounds, pre-IPO or exit


Recapitalizations or buyouts of existing shareholders


Nearing maturity, covenant concerns, or commencement of amortization

Why Vistara Capital?

Flexible, tailored growth capital solutions

Unique ability to invest across the capital structure as debt and/or equity

$5-15 million per investment (ability to syndicate larger deals)

Less dilutive, growth oriented structures. Will also subordinate to existing senior lenders

Flexible duration (1-5 years) and attractive interest only structures

Highly responsive with streamlined and transparent process to close

Industry experienced and connected team

Funded by leading technology executives, family offices, foundations and entrepreneurs




Productivity suite for investment industry


Cloud migration and IT services automation


Agile development planning and automation


Liquid cooling for data centers


Portfolio valuation and risk solutions software


Connected car technology and marketplace



Commerce platform for travel industry



Wealth management and digital investment products


Mobile commerce and engagement platform


Offender, probation and community management



Video app development platform

Financial Services Software Company Zafin Receives Funding


Relationship banking solutions


  • “Vistara’s creativity and flexibility stood out as we looked at different capital sources to fund our growth plans.  They stepped up again as we completed an important acquisition soon into our relationship.  Vistara really embodies what it means to be a growth partner, and have proven to bring a lot of value to the table in addition to capital.”

    Jim Schuler
    CFO, Backstop Solutions
  • “Randy has been a very helpful and collaborative partner over a number of years, and in his observer capacity has been an insightful contributor to the executive team and Board. Zafin has used capital provided by funds managed by Randy on two different occasions, in order to accomplish goals at different points in our growth cycle. When seeking capital the second time, based on previous experience we did not hesitate to work with Vistara again. Their patient and creative investment structures have enabled us to fund our continued accelerated growth path, while creating the flexibility to raise traditional equity capital at more optimal junctures and limit overall dilution.”

    Al Karim Somji
    CEO, Zafin
  • “Given their significant experience and exclusive focus on growth stage technology companies, we have found Vistara to be a very flexible and valuable partner as our business continues to scale. Unique amongst venture lenders, Vistara also helped us find and integrate a low cost operating facility from a traditional bank that has significantly reduced our overall cost of capital. Their investment approach was closely aligned with our growth strategy, giving Mobify a firm base from which to focus on expanding our business.”

    Igor Faletski
    CEO, Mobify
  • “We bootstrapped InvestEdge from an idea to servicing over $1 trillion in assets in 17 years. We considered equity financing but instead chose Vistara as our first external investor. They created tailored solution to our capital requirements without creating complex equity structures. Their debt funding was exactly what we needed to launch additional products and continue to grow rapidly. Vistara has been a great partner, providing guidance when needed and allowing us to transform our business.”

    Bob Stewart
    CEO, InvestEdge
  • “Without a doubt, Randy and the team at Vistara are awesome and I would highly recommend them as a partner. Their insight on financing strategy – when and how to consider equity and debt at different points in our growth cycle – has been invaluable in furthering the development of You.i TV. The ability to access varied types of capital through Vistara and their network is just one of the major benefits of working with them. As a Canadian fund complementing our US investment partners, we couldn’t have asked for a better match.”

    Jason Flick
    CEO, You.i
  • “When Getaround was looking to extend our runway and execute on several key strategic objectives prior to our next equity raise, Vistara really stepped up. The team at Vistara were highly responsive in putting together a financing solution tailored to our needs and moving quickly to a close. This was vital to a company like us in a dynamic sector as it allowed us to get back to running the business and prioritize the factors most important to Getaround’s long term growth. Since the investment, Vistara has been a great partner committed to supporting our team and providing us the flexibility required to grow our business.”

    Adam Kosmicki
    CFO, Getaround


Randy Garg
Founder & Managing Partner
Noah Shipman
John O’Donoghue
Senior Associate
Kathleen Reaume
Senior Associate